Los Angeles, CA: Today, at Techday LA, Triumph launched their flagship Yoga-Inspired Inner Mastery workshop in a new web-based format. The program is designed to help individuals clarify and amplify their lives by discovering their Core Values to answer the important Whys of their lives. It further helps in articulating not only What kind of person they consciously and subconsciously want to be, but also How to start being one. Triumph also launched Triumph Journal™, a journaling app (iOS & Android) that complements the Inner Mastery program to further help users be their authentic selves. It provides a very personalized and fun experience to not only maximize inner growth but to also measure and track it.

“While there’s abundance all around us, it is more important than ever for individuals to step up and perform at much greater levels of proficiency to capture desirable opportunities,” said Nishit Rathod, Founder and CEO of Triumph. “As an example, humans are being outdone by Artificial Intelligence in so many fields today. And as counterintuitive as it may seem, the best way to start the growth journey is by tapping into your authentic and unique self. To that end, we’ve interpreted the timeless principles of Yoga into modern, actionable techniques. The result is our Self Intelligence™ framework upon which all of our offerings are built.”

Inner Mastery Program
Triumph Journal App

Inner Mastery

Triumph Journal™

“I left the Inner Mastery workshop with a sense of crystallized core values, a greater sense of self-awareness and, most importantly, a game plan to improve myself based on those values,” said Dakota Shane, an Inc.com Columnist, Top Writer on Medium, and Co-Founder of Arctiphi. “In relating to past and present relationships, I had the insight to focus on what I needed to work on and what my future needed. The technique was thought-provoking but very systematic and authentic,” said Magdy Rizk, Professor and Associate Chair at CSUN.

The Inner Mastery web-based program (regular price $199) is available as Pay-for-Value until Oct 31st, 2018. Triumph Journal is available as a free download for iOS and Android and uses the Pay-for-Value pricing model. Pay-for-Value gives users the ability to decide the price based on the value they receive and pay when they can.

To learn more about Triumph, visit www.triumphhq.com.

About Triumph: Triumph is a Yoga-Inspired platform to help bring clarity, authenticity, and joy through a range of programs and apps based on our Self Intelligence™ framework which gets to the heart of the matter: Knowing your true authentic self and living in accordance with it. We are a multicultural group based out of LA, with many years of experience in mentoring, business, yoga and health-oriented practices. Triumph is founded by Nishit M. Rathod, a successful 3x entrepreneur having built and sold 3 technology companies. He is also a business advisor, musician, writer, and a lifetime practitioner of Yoga.