Welcome to Triumph! We are a multicultural group based out of LA, with many years of experience in mentoring, business, yoga and health-oriented practices. Triumph is our company, but it is all about you.

We have a handful of dimensions covered within the sphere of betterment, but to put it simply—we help you to Amplify Your Life™ by first helping you discover your true Authentic Self as well as your inspiring Life Purpose.


Nishit M. Rathod is a successful 3x entrepreneur having built and sold 3 technology companies. He’s also a business advisor, musician, and writer, but more importantly, he is a lifetime practitioner of Yoga, which he credits as the driving force and reason for his success. With a voracious appetite for learning, he has been blessed to work in many different fields— Music, Non-Profit, Real Estate, Social Commerce, Urban Infrastructure and even Casual Digital Gaming.

Nishit Says:

“As the Founder & CEO of Triumph, I’m helping entrepreneurs and other growth-oriented individuals/teams live closer to their full potential. Our flagship ‘The Triumphant Self Program’ leans on Yoga Science to uncover the key to Self Intelligence—finding your true, authentic self and living in accordance with it. It helps you take your game to a whole new level—live an inspired life of action, meaning and fulfillment. I look forward to working with you!”